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Mesa Verde, Colorado


The Mesa Verde Classic Wing Safari takes natural-history enthusiasts to the Anasazi dwellings of Mesa Verde, CO, the most famous Indian ruins in the American West. Southwest Safaris offers an exciting opportunity to examine this labyrinth of canyons and cliff-faced villages by wing, car, and foot. Depart Santa Fe Airport at 7 a.m. Fly over the colorful deserts, plateaus, buttes, and washes that make New Mexico the ever-enticing subject of landscape photographers and painters. See from the air grand mountain ranges, ancient ocean beds, exploded banded volcanoes, and inaccessible legendary canyons. Land at Cortez, CO, drive into the national park, and behold sweeping vistas of the Four Corners Region. Hear the guide tell the history of an industrious people that mysteriously disappeared despite heroic efforts to adapt to climatic changes. Survey selected ancient Indian cliff-houses, towers, kivas, and courtyards followed by a picnic lunch prepared under the spreading juniper trees at Grandview Point. Return to Santa Fe by 4:00 p.m. An intriguing bird's-eye view of ancient cultures, landforms, and paleo-ecosystems. $599/person, 3-fare minimum. Package includes all flying, ground discovery, park entrance fee, and box lunch. (Top of Page)


The Mesa Verde Premier Wing Safari includes all of the sights and activities of the Classic version of the tour, plus a greatly expanded aerial reconnaissance of northwestern New Mexico and the Mesa Verde region of southwestern Colorado. Depart Santa Fe Airport at 7 a.m. Fly over a glowing New Mexico landscape of mountains, canyons, and pueblos which mark the beginning of a thrilling day of air/land adventure. See the Rio Grande, San Ildefonso Pueblo, Pajarito Plateau, Puye Cliff Dwellings, Canones archaeological site, Chama River, Gallina Wash, Jicarilla Apache Reservation, Canyon Largo, Aztec Ruins, Ute Indian reservation, and the Colorado Plateau. The excitement builds as the airplane passes over remote deserts, mesas, and ravines of the Mesa Verde area. Land at Cortez, CO. Proceed by ground vehicle up into the high plateau of the national park. Enjoy a fully-guided private ground tour with ample time to walk through pueblo mesa-top ruins. Photograph Anasazi cliff dwellings. Relax at magnificient viewpoints and enjoy a picnic lunch under the pines. Members of the expedition then return to their special observation plane for a grand scenic flight over southwestern Mesa Verde, Angel's Peak, eastern Navajoland, fossil washes, dinausaur beds, colorful desert badlands, and the volcanic valleys, canyons, and calderas of the Jemez Mountains. Land at Santa Fe by 4:00 p.m. The enhanced skyventure provides an in-depth study of the geology and archaeology of the Great American Southwest. $699/person, 2-fare minimum. Package includes all flying, ground discovery, park entrance fee, and box lunch. (Top of Page)

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