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Monument Valley, Utah


The Monument Valley Classic Wing Safari carries adventure travelers into the heart of Navajoland. Take off at 7 a.m. from the Santa Fe Airport. Fly over black rifts of the Rio Grande River, unexcavated prehistoric Pueblo ruins, gorges of the Jemez Mountains, and the minarets of the San Juan Basin badlands. The special safari aircraft traverses the mountains and valleys, volcanoes and canyons of northwest New Mexico, then over the natural arches and painted deserts of northeast Arizona. See millions of years of landscape evolution unfold. Listen to the pilot/guide describe long-ago worlds of dinosaur burial grounds, petrified forests, and ancient Anasazi cities lost under sands of yellow, brown, and magenta. Behold the timeless beauty of radiant mesas at sunrise, the lost civilization of Chaco Canyon, and the wild horses of the Bisti wilderness. Soar above the red rock ravines of the Chuska Mountains, observing snow-melted lakes and forests overlooking the whole of the Four Corners Region, before descending along the dramatic beauty of the Lukachukai Cliffs stretching to the horizon. Land at historic trading post/lodge and discover Monument Valley with a Navajo guide. Visit a native hogan. See Indians spinning wool, weaving rugs, or shepherding flocks across rippled golden dunes. Photograph rolling pinyon-juniper hills broken by towering sandstone monoliths striped with glistening desert varnish. This is a geologic fantasia! After lunch in the field, tour members board their observation plane for flight back to Santa Fe, returning by 3 p.m. A thrilling, air/land, natural history expedition that explores the remote frontiers of the Four Corners Region. $649/person, 3-fare minimum. Package includes all flying, 3.5-hour ground tour, park entrance fee, and box lunch. (By special arrangement, enjoy Optional Scenic Return: includes flight over the incomparable Gooseneck Canyons of the San Juan River and a vast array of washes, escarpments, and desert vistas of majestic southeastern Utah; gripping visual drama doubling the scope of the tour -- $50/person, additional. The Classic skyventure plus the Optional Scenic Return constitute the MONUMENT VALLEY GRAND WING SAFARI.) (Top of Page)


The Monument Valley Premier Wing Safari includes all of the sights of the Classic itinerary and a private ground tour of Monument Valley for Southwest Safaris' tour members, plus the Optional Scenic Return route back to Santa Fe (as described above). A deluxe package for those who want to explore the heart of the inscrutable Four Corners Region. True backcountry adventure! $895/person, 2-fare minimum. (Top of Page)


The Monument Valley Delight Wing Safari consists of a direct flight to Monument Valley with light narration. After landing at Monument Valley, tour members enjoy an excursion tour of the tribal park, where they can relax in a four-wheel-drive open-air vehicle and photograph world-famous buttes, spires, and sand dunes. Return flight to Santa Fe arrives around 1 p.m. This natural history exploration is designed to provide minimal time in the air and maximum economy, without sacrificing the great panoramic views of the Four Corners' incredible desertscapes. $595/person, 3-fare minimum. Package includes all flying, park entrance fee, and 1.5-hour ground tour. Not included: lunch (please bring a sack picnic). (Top of Page)

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