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Seasonal Scenic Specials
Santa Fe  ·  New Mexico
Tour Length Fare/Person Min Pax Tour Description
Santa Fe Sunrise Skyviewer 20 Min. $79 2 A wonderful opportunity to see Santa Fe from the air, backdropped by the beauty of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Flight performed early in the day to emphasize New Mexico's extraordinary daybreak colors. A great eye-opener.
Rio Grande Skydancer 25 Min. $89 2 A beautifully choreographed flight over Cochiti Lake, Bandelier canyons, the Rio Grande, White Rock Gorge, volcanic cinder cones, Wild Horse Meadows, and Buckman Wash. An introductory sky romance.
Santa Fe Delight 35 Min. $115 2 A longer scenic flight including Cochiti Lake, Bandelier canyons, the Rio Grande, White Rock Gorge, volcanic cinder cones, Wild Horse Meadows, Buckman Pass, plus the City of Santa Fe. An expanded skyfrolic yielding enticing views of the Eastside as well as Westside of the Santa Fe Valley.
New Mexico Skysampler 75 Min. $249 2 A vastly extended Eastside/Westside air tour highlighting the mystique of north central New Mexico. Aerial sojourn includes the City of Santa Fe, Sangre de Cristo Mts, Truchas Peaks, Pecos Wilderness, isolated mountain villages, the Chama River, Pueblo Indian ruins, Colorful Canyon, Abiquiu Lake, the Jemez Mountains Caldera, Parajito Plateau, White Rock Canyon, and Wild Horse Meadows. This trip offers a bird's-eye view of the striking topography, blended-light patterns, and interlacing shadows that have made the Land of Enchantment renowned for its natural charm. Presenting a wonderful skyview of widely diversified western landforms, the flightventure shows off the gripping geophysical allure of New Mexico.
Grand Canyons Skyroamer 90 Min. $269 2 Behold a seemingly endless array of canyons, gorges, crevasses, ravines, and deep earthen clefts. Few visitors to the State witness the scope and beauty of New Mexico's canyon country and river valleys. The grandeur of these multi-layered, once-roaring drainages viewed from the wing is simply breathtaking. This photo airventure includes the Santa Fe River, Cochiti Lake, Tent Rocks, Bandelier Wilderness, Rio Grande Divide, White Rock Narrows, Buckman Pass, Parajito Plateau, Puye Cliff Dwellings, Canones Ruins, Abiquiu Lake, Ghost Ranch Cliffs, Chama River Chasms, Valle Grande and associated Volcanoes, plus Jemez Mountains Rifts. Cameras can not capture the wonder! In all of the Great American West, this scenic air tour probably reveals the most diverse collection of canyon types and adjoining formations found in any one locale. Uniquely New Mexican sky discovery.
Valley of Fire Air Ranger 90 Min. $269 2 Tour focuses on the incomparable Indian Country of west central New Mexico. The flight begins by following the Santa Fe River and verdant Rio Grande Valley, then passes over fabled Pueblo lands, painted escarpments, etched sandstone sculptures, incised dry river beds, and prehistoric Indian ruins. Marvel at the Valley of Fire, perhaps the most spectacular display of volcanoes, chimneys, plugs, and dikes in North America, nestled between alpine woodlands and rolling golden sands. The airventure continues over undulating desertscapes, sentry buttes, imposing mesas, the foundations of pioneer farmhouses, a ghost town, striped ravines, Jemez Mountains, huge alpine canyons, and the gorges and tent rocks of the Santa Fe National Forest. Discover fascinating geology, archaeology, and history under the wing. Meandering far off the beaten path, this extended skytrek reveals the dramatic form, diversity, and evolution of the North American Continent. This intriguing skyjourney encompasses ocean beds, uplifted plateaus, 11,000-foot mountain ranges, and the origins of Man in the Southwest. A journey on the wing through millions of years of profound and magnificient geomorphological change.
Santa Fe
55 Min. $295 1 The Santa Fe Topflight Airventure was specially designed for solo travelers. This scenic sortie offers a wonderful view of the remarkable mountains, mesas, and ravines located west of the Rio Grande and Pojoaque valleys. After departing Santa Fe, fly as on raven's wings over the Santa Fe Canyon, Cochiti Lake, Tent Rocks, and Santa Fe National Forest. Then head north to scout for lost mines in the rugged gorges of the Cochiti Canyon complex. Soar over the rim of the Jemez Mountains' enormous volcanic crater. Glide down "the shoot" to the Puye Cliff Dwellings and associated historic Pueblo. The seamless adventure flight then heads south over the Pajarito Plateau, surveying unexcavated ancient cities situated high up on inaccessible mesas. Next, cruise over fabled table-top country and along the full length of White Rock Canyon, spotting more Indian ruins, geologic sculptures, and perhaps wild horses, too. The return leg of the air trek reveals volcanic cinder cones, peaks, and plateaus back-dropped by the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and the City of Santa Fe: a sweeping panoramic horizon. Capture the ever-changing scenes on film from your choice of any passenger seat in the plane. This is a relaxing yet action-packed Santa Fe skyventure, filled with visual excitement. Take on the day, armed with your camera, launching at morning light for an aerial photo shootout that will impress your friends! A top-fun flight.

Pueblo Country Explorer

5.25 Hr


This air/land adventure concentrates on the legendary landscapes of north central New Mexico. Expedition members travel by airplane, ground vehicle, and foot, examining mountains, volcanoes, canyons, and Indian ruins. Tour departs Santa Fe Municipal Airport at 7 a.m. The skyventure begins with a flight over massive cinder cones, across the silhouetted tablelands of the Rio Grande and Jemez River, and along sandstone crevasses of the Jemez Mountains. Successive aerial highlights include Tent Rocks Monument, deep multi-colored canyons, the famous Valle Grande crater, panoramic Abiquiu Basin, colonial Spanish land grants, and elusive cliff dwellings. After landing on an airstrip atop the Pajarito Plateau, tour members drive to grand lookout mesa and set forth with their guide on a leisurely hike along ancient Indian footpaths. Climb wooden ladders, descend rock-carved hand-and-toe trails, study petroglyphs, and enter prehistoric living-chambers still decorated with colored clays and symbolic pictographs. There is ample time to explore crumbled walls of an abandoned pueblo; study pottery shards and grinding stones; and ramble through ceremonial kiva chambers. After light refreshments under pinyon and juniper trees at lookout point, tour members return to their airplane. The flight back to Santa Fe features White Rock Canyon, Wild Horse Meadows, and the Rio Grande Valley. Land around 12:15 p.m. A fun-filled wing adventure for outdoor enthusiasts, this is a fly/drive/hike wanderlust the whole family will enjoy. Approximately 5.25 hours. $499/person, 2-fare minimum. Includes air/land discovery, backcountry hiking fee, and trail snack.

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